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Sports Massage
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What is Sports Massage?
Sports Massage is a form of massage that utilizes specific strokes to help athletes obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning by increasing power, endurance, and mobility - both before and after an event or exercise.
How is Sports Massage administered?
Sports Massage should be a regular part of every athlete's training program. Athletes have different massage needs at different times.
There are three basic categories:

  • Pre-event Massage: A quick treatment (rhythmic pumping) is a supplement to warm-up, boosts circulation and flexibility, and leaves muscles relaxed and ready for action. Pre-event massage can help prevent muscle and tendon injuries and reduce strain and discomfort of training.
  • Post-event Massage: After an event or rigorous training, post-event massage increases circulation to quicken the removal of fatigue toxins, relieve muscle spasms, and prevent soreness. Post-event massage is used to assist athlete’s recovery and regain their pre-event condition by relaxing tight, fatigued muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Training Massage: Throughout training and rigorous regular athletic activity, massage helps prevent injuries. Areas of muscular stress can result from repetitive or stressful motion and are typically precursors to injury. Sports Massage assists in relieving muscular stress and preventing injuries, enabling harder and more consistent training.

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